My experimental flavors are like vanilla extract but instead of vanilla they are unusual and new flavors. The vast majority of them are botanical tasting and pleasant, some not so much. These are not numbered runs, and will be made until I run out of source material.

My salts are nonsensical salt mixes that can be used for seasoning on food. They come as a powder in a small salt shaker. Each run is limited. Many are unpleasant, but in unique ways.

These are things that are open to be traded for other artworks.


This is the store made to sale and trade art with Wesley Hicks.
If you want to buy some artwork, or set up an art trade, this is the correct place to be!



I just got this store working, I am still setting up the categories and filling it with artworks.

The store works, so if you decide you want to try and buy something it should set up a paypal transaction without any difficulty.  I am still working out how to make the trade option work, likely it will be simply emailing me.