Frequently Asked Questions

What are your flavors made of?

Our flavors are made from alcohol and natural plant extracts. We use only the highest quality plant material that can be found and focus on working with creating the best possible flavor that the plant material can offer.

Additionally, we do have a single line called synthetics which is only available through our extended catalog, these are made from alcohol and synthetic flavor. The idea behind this line is to offer flavors that are not available through nature. These flavors are notable and unique. No other line contains anything synthetic, and the synthetic line is currently a specialty line that is only avaliable through special order. Each of the synthetic flavors has the source of the flavors clearly marked.

How strong are your flavors?

Our flavors are as concentrated as the alcohol base will allow. This makes for flavors that can flavor a drink in 1-3 drops and flavors that can flavor baked good similar to the concentrations used for vanilla extract. If you are concerned about the intensity while baking try using half the amount one would use of an extract in the dish and test accordingly to see how strong the result is.

How did you start making flavors?

Tender Sprigs started as an art project. We wanted to make unusual flavors to use in experimental mixed drinks and experimental dishes. This may sound strange but it finds it roots in fluxus art and the need to prepare a meal that is an art experience. The idea was to create "impossible" flavor combinations, impossible because there was no easy source for the flavors involved and some of the flavors were things that no one had tasted before.

How many flavors do you have?

Outside of the store we have made over 100 flavors. This list includes things that we have only made enough of for one bottle of flavor and things we cannot call edible because there is no information about how safe the plants are to eat, not to mention a concentrated version of the plant like what you would find in a flavor. more info can be found on our experimental flavors page.

How big are the flavor bottles?

Our flavor bottles are 15ml Boston round bottles with dropper tops. We fill the bottles to the 12 ml mark so that the glass dropper top can fit. We market all of our flavors as 12 ml, the bottle size can fill with more liquid but only if it has a standard lid and not a lid with a glass dropper in it. Our bottles each have around 240 drops in them which is 80 servings of flavor for a standard drink.